Hoes it going everyone. I know I have been absent from this blog for a while, but I have some major news to share with all of you. I finally got my driver license and I now get to check a goal off of my bucket list. Originally, I passed the written test back in 2012 after graduating high school but had no interest in driving because of some underlying anxiety that consumed me for years. Yes, I would occasionally drive around with my family to try to get better at my driving, but they never seemed to improve my skill levee or helped calm down my anxiety at all. There was one point where it got so bad that I would head to bed every night with nightmares of not having control of the car I’m in. Eventually I had enough of relying on rides and having nightmares that I took this fear into my own hands. I ended up buying around 18 hours of personal lessons in 2020 and can now report that I am an official licensed driver. I’m also happy to share that I’m nightmare free, almost anxiety free, and I was able to drive myself to across town last week without getting into any danger.