How’s it going everyone, I thought since I’m going on a family trip today it would be the perfect time to start uploading a blog post daily to get more content on this website. Currently as I write this It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve smoked any weed, wasted money on Starbucks and watched any kind of porn. it’s really hard too because I don’t have any way to escape from what I’m feeling in the moment so I have a tendency to snap at people more often than I’d like to admit. Other than that I’d say every day it’s getting easier to manage my outburst of anger and being able to think clearer is a big plus too. Anyways enough rambling since I got to get going. I’m leaving to New York to explore for a few days and then I’m headed to New Jersey to go and see family for a graduation. Anyways bye everyone, you can expect another update tomorrow and possibly some photos uploaded showing the museum I’m going to.